Somebody, as you are reading this, there are some powers that are seriously fighting certain breakthroughs and miracles that should have happened in your life by now.

For some of you reading this, that promotion in your workplace should have come by now; that marriage should have manifested by now; you should have finished building that house by now; that financial breakthrough should have manifested in your life by this time; they should have given you that visa by this time; that door should have opened for you by this time; that contract should have been signed by now; but for some reason, you are still waiting for it to happen.  These are the works of the spirit of delay.

The Lord showed me the operations of this spirit (delay) in the realm of the spirit: delay does not remove the blessing; no, it merely frustrates you by pushing it forward.  It is a spirit that teases men when it comes to their breakthroughs, for it will let you see what you desire coming close enough, yet just at the moment when it is meant to manifest, it will somehow and inexplicably be moved forward.

No matter how many times you see it coming close, something will happen to move it forward.  Many people have been and are still being harassed by this spirit.  Satan knows that you will fight too hard if he totally removed it from you, but he also knows that if he can keep you thinking that you will receive what you desire sometime soon, then he can take you for the ride of waiting for your breakthrough for the rest of your life.

The Word of God says, ‘we are not ignorant of the wiles of the devil’.  If you are not careful, many things will be kept pending from your life while you think that more patience is what you need.  Indeed, there is a time for patience, but there is also a time for manifestation.  Every word that God gives to you has an appointed time.  You must not entertain anything outside of the appointed time of God.  When this begins to happen, you must know that satanic delay is being introduced into your life.

That is the point at which you must become very vigorous in your prayers.  The word of God says, ‘hope deferred (or delayed) makes the heart sick.’  In other words, the plan of the devil is to bring you into the kind of delay that will make you get discouraged and give up all by yourself.  Oh, he’s a liar!  Say it: ‘I am not giving up any time soon!’

When you suspect that some things that should have happened are taking too long to manifest in your life, there is only one thing which you must do: pray very hard.  You must also make sure that you are not the one who is helping this spirit to work in your life.  How?

  • Fear.  You are afraid of going into the promised land because you do not see how you will conquer the giants which are in the land; this spirit will help you to delay your breakthrough.
  • Laziness.
  • Procrastination.  When you procrastinate, you have already delayed your own breakthroughs.
  • Complaining is another.  Israel complained and caused their ‘in two-months time breakthrough’ to be prolonged into 40 years!  You don’t want that.
  • Indecision is another door for delay to enter into your life.  If you take so long to decide, that door will be shut, and many times it will never be re-opened again.
  • Prayerlessness, wrong praying, or very little prayer will also delay you from your destiny.

The Israelites were not praying at all at the time that their breakthrough should have manifested.  No, they were busy complaining.  That made their delay to last another 30 years.  Do take note that God said he would bring them out of Egypt after 400 years, but at 430 years, they were still in bondage.  Why?  Because they had not yet begun to cry out to God!

This is the same case that is happening to many who are reading this right now.  God has not yet sent your deliverer to you because you have not yet begun to cry out to him about your situation.  If you had done it, and passionately – and correctly – then your story would have changed by now.

Little prayer is just as bad as no prayer.  Daniel did pray, but his answer was delayed by a principality in the heavenly places.  What this means is that we must be fervent in our prayers, and also wage war against the powers in the heavenly places which are certainly determined to make sure that we receive nothing good from heaven into our lives.

Somebody, I am here to declare it in your life:

  • no more postponement of your blessings; you will no longer be the one to come last in terms of achievements;
  • no more backwardness in your life;
  • no more obstacles in your life –
  • no more of those distractions from people and unforeseen complications;
  • no more frustrations in your life;
  • I declare no more unnecessary battles;
  • no more delays in the release of those appointment and promotion letters;
  • no more delay in the signing of those cheques.

I have come as your divine emissary to terminate the power and grip of this spirit from your life.

I have come to declare it that from today your life will begin to move forward once again.

I have come to declare that no more will good things be diverted from your life and into the lives of others.

It is time you will have whatever was kept back from you.

By the apostolic grace on my life,

  • I command the entry point of the spirit of delay into your life to be shut down in the name of Jesus Christ.
  • I command every gates of Jericho that have been shut to keep you from beginning your conquest of the promised land to begin to crumble and fall in Jesus name;
  • I arrest the arrow of disappointment that was fired into your life and command it to backfire back to the sender in the name of Jesus. Let the chains of stagnation begin to melt out of your life today;
  • I arrest this spirit of delay and command it to put back every breakthrough you should have received by this time back into your life in the name of Jesus!
  • I command every power that has been assigned to delay good things from touching your hands to fall down and die in the name of Jesus;
  • I speak to your miracles, blessings and financial breakthroughs, let them arise and begin to locate you by fire today, in the name of Jesus Christ!
  • I release your healing;
  • I release your new job;
  • I release your promotion;
  • I release your marriage;
  • I release your visa;
  • I release your new house;
  • I release your finances;
  • I release your businesses;
  • I release your answers to prayer and your destiny back to you, in the name of Jesus!

Hey, activate your faith right now and begin to receive what was previously delayed in your life, in Jesus name!

Apostle Paul A Williams