Have you ever stopped to ask yourself how big your love impact on the world really is?

It’s like ripples in the water. When you drop a stone into water, the ripples may begin where you dropped the stone, but they continue to move outward in larger circles—to create a far-reaching impact through relationships.

Let’s take a look at the different levels of relationship Jesus had with other people.

Recognize your intimate inner circle

Jesus had three disciples He connected with the most: Peter, James and John.

Right before Jesus died on the Cross, a time when He felt distressed, Jesus asked Peter, James and John to accompany Him while He was praying (Matthew 26). 

Jesus knew who His most intimate inner circle was. At the times He was most vulnerable, these were the people He called on to be with Him and support Him through the dark night of the soul. 

Ask yourself: “Who is in my inner circle?” Who can you trust with your life and share your burdens with?

Connect with your personal middle circle

Jesus also had a wider circle of friends He shared personal details of His life with. These were His 12 disciples (Matthew 10:2).

Not only did Jesus teach these 12 people everything He knew about the Kingdom of God, He also poured His love into them and then sent them out to the world.

Jesus also had a group of people, including other men and women, who cared for His needs and walked the road of His calling.

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations …”
Matthew 28:19 NIV

Through these people, the whole world came to know the love of God! 

Ask yourself: “Who is part of my middle circle?”

Who do you regularly spend time with? How are they impacting the world around you? Are you allowing people to walk along side of you in your journey?

Identify your broader outer circle

It is said that over the course of our lifetime, on average, each individual comes into contact with about 80,000 people!

Can you imagine what kind of impact you can have if you learn how to walk in love daily? It’s beyond what you can imagine or personally see!

This sort of love impact was shown when Jesus fed the 5,000 who came to listen to Him teach (Mark 6:30–44). He and His disciples showed kindness to the masses and allowed their love impact to be far-reaching.

Ask yourself: “Do the people I’m surrounded by help me impact the world with love?” How are your relationships rippling outward for good?

Plant love … watch it grow!

The love you share with others doesn’t just stay where it is. Love is like a seed—when you plant it, it starts to grow!

Make sure you’re connecting with people at all levels of relationship so God’s love can reach the world through this ripple effect.