Recently, God said to me that an “angry wind” had been released on the Earth because too many people were complaining and judging rather than blessing and lifting up.  
They sow the wind and reap the whirlwind. Hosea 8:7 
If you look up the Hebrew word for wind, it is ruwach, which can be translated as wind, breath and anger. Those who speak (with their breath) angry or complaining words can receive or create a whirlwind (or angry wind).  
A lot of people are sowing anger, judgment and complaining “into the wind” with their words. Remember—what you sow you shall reap. This serves as a reminder that we need to watch what we say, and be careful to speak words of blessing and not words of complaining or judging. 
I know this because I had to live it out in 2004. After I made the changes the Holy Spirit encouraged me to make, I began to hear God and live under what I would call an open heaven. An open heaven is where the blessings come easily, where God brings things to you, you can hear Him clearly and know exactly what to do next.  
This is not always automatic. Sometimes we have to practice this as a lifestyle by going on a negative-thought-and-talk fast. When I started doing this, I began to see the positive effects 
of it every day in my life. Now that I have this revelation, my wife and I, along with the InLight Connection team, all practice living negative-free lifestyles. 
A general atmosphere of judgment (complaining or criticism) has crept into the culture today. The focus is more about what is wrong with a person or situation as opposed to what God has given them.  
Without us realizing it, the enemy has crept in and sown weeds (judgment, anger and complaining) into the Kingdom of God. Jesus talks about this in a parable about a field (Matthew 13:24–39), and how the enemy came in and sowed weeds while the workers were sleeping (not paying attention).  
This is going on right now. The enemy is sowing his negative seeds into our lives, and weeds are growing up along with the good things God is doing. We cannot just rip them up, because we will damage people (verses 29, 38).  
These are spiritual principles, and we need to be very careful. One of the names of Satan in Revelation 12:10 is “the accuser of the brethren.”  
Accusations can be dangerous. If we are not careful, we can come into agreement with darkness, or Satan, over ourselves and over other people. It is important to understand the power of your words and how they can affect the spiritual atmosphere around you and others