The Lord has been speaking to me about 2019! It’s finally here and all the bad things that have happened to you in 2018 are now behind you! You are at a crossroads today. You are in the valley of decision and the Lord says to you today that you must let go of the hurt, the pain, the disappointments, the bad habits, the fears, the lies, and the mistakes because He has such great plans for you that you won’t have any time to bring those things with you into 2019! 

You may have to let go of what others are saying and thinking too. Don’t care about what others are saying and thinking. They may call you a fool for believing in your dreams. They may mock you like Noah. They may look foolishly at you just like they did with Gideon. But the Lord is with you mighty warrior! 

Restoration awaits you! Everything that was lost will be found! You are going to get your joy back! You are going to get your shout back! You are going to get your finances back says the Lord! 

God says, “even though it looks completely dead… I will revive it for it is a mighty season of revival! Pay attention for a revival of love that will burst through even beginning on Valentines Day 2019… Yes, it will begin in Florida and like a wildfire, you will hear of the great and mighty things that I shall do! It will be for My glory and for My fame” says the Lord of hosts!

The Lord is touching your faith right now as you read this prophetic word. Some of you can feel the fire of God burning deep inside you. He is stirring your faith. More faith is being deposited on the inside of you. Believe God for great things. Don’t lose hope but build upon it with the faith of God. With God nothing is impossible. Yes, even the impossible is possible with me. 

“I am moving you into the realms of My glory and of My Spirit because the work that I long to do in and through you will be quick work. Suddenly you will launch forth. Suddenly the season of testing and refining will be over! Suddenly My glory will hover over you and as you speak it you shall have it because My creative power will flow through your mouth. My Spirit is on your tongue. Wisdom and revelation will burst forth. Prophetic utterances will overtake you as you begin to pray in the Holy Ghost. Draw near to Me and I will draw near to you, and I will show great and mighty things that you have yet to know anything about. I will show you the secret things of My Kingdom. You will know My ways and no flesh shall glory in the presence of the Lord.” 

Prophetic Declaration

Rene Picota