You may have heard, your breakthrough is near… BEFORE.
You may have heard your day of deliverance is closer than you think… BEFORE.
You may have heard your miracle is about to happen… BEFORE.
You may have heard God is getting ready to turn things around for you… BEFORE.

But, I’m telling you 2018 is the year of Rain for you.

Rain brings increase.
Rain, bring things that were dying and things that were almost dead to life. This is your year of rain.
This is your year for Jubilee.
This is your year of celebration.
This is your year of rejoicing and shouting.

For, the which was long promised, that which you have longed for and have seen and waited for is about to come to pass. That which seemed dried up and dead is about to come alive. And that which you thought was long forgotten will spring forth. You will flourish like a beautiful flower, like the changing of a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly, and from an ugly drought stricken lake into a beautiful oasis.

Yes, you will be the one to break forth in shouting and rejoicing for I will do great notable and honorable things through you and for you. My people will know you and know that I am with you both now and always. Great signs, miracles and wonders will take place for you in 2018. So rejoice and let the Praise begin. Let the shouting and celebration break forth. For I the Lord have spoken it and will bring it to past.

Be Blessed,

A.L. Downing